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At the presentation of their first CD “Rabasa” in La Tentation in Brussels (1999), the concert began before a rapt audience. As the concert continued and Rabasa moved on to the batuque and then the funana, the public could no longer contain itself-- chairs were pushed aside and the party went on for many hours. As it turned out, this ritual was to be repeated at many venues to come. In September 2001, Rabasa played on Cape Verde for the first time before a frenzied crowd at the Cidade Velha festival on their own island of Santiago, and they were immediately invited back for the 2002 festival.
Rabasa regularly plays different festivals in their home country. The CD “Pertu di bo” was released in february 2004 in Concert- and congress centre “de Doelen”. In that same year Rabasa made her debut on Dutch television in the NPS show “Raymann is Laat”. 2005 brought the firts step to important European festivals like Sfinks and Sziget. The concert in the “Grote Zaal” of the “Concertgebouw” at Amsterdam in July 2006 was a climax. Rabasa was subsequently asked to perform in different television shows, among which the opening of “De Uitmarkt” in Amsterdam.

Rabasa played several important festivals and stages like:

Sfinks festival, België
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
Sziget , Budapest, Hongarije
Paradiso, Amsterdam
Amsterdam Roots Festival
De Doelen, Rotterdam
Oerol festival
Oosterpoort, Groningen
Winternachten, den Haag
Vredenburg, Utrecht
Happy Art Festival, Hongarije
I Sanat, Istanbul, Turkije
La Musique African, België
Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maasticht
Gentse Feesten
Treibhaus, Innsbruck, Oostenrijk
Tropen Instituut Theater, Amsterdam
Afrika Festival, Hertme
Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen, België
Uitmarkt, Amsterdam
Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussel, België
Eruit markt, Rotterdam
Rasa, Utrecht
Bevrijdingsfestival, Wageningen
Paard, den Haag
Sail, Amsterdam
Goudse Schouwburg
Boekenbal, Amsterdam
Vereniging, Nijmegen
Colours of Ostrava, Tsjechië
Chassé Theater, Breda
Zamek, Poznan, Polen
Melkweg, Amsterdam

NPS Opening Uitmarkt
NPS Raymann is laat
TV Rijnmond
Cultura NRC/NPS

VPRO radio
Radio Rijnmond
Radio West