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New Album
Ora ta pasa

Release januari 22 2016
Coast to Coast

The new album "Ora ta pasa" (time is passing) stands for the notion that life is stressful and sometimes we do not allow ourselves to rest, but we also need to enjoy it. The busy nature of life is in part the reason why it took the band members a while before they could release a successor to the previous CD "Portucabo".

On "Ora ta pasa", you will hear festive music, including a song about the culinary delights of multiculturalism as well as a tribute to Grogu, the national Cape Verdean drink made with liquor and sugarcane.

"Ora ta pasa" will also evoke deep thoughts and feelings. It explores themes such as platonic love, cultural crossroads, and living away from homeland and loved ones. It also contains a tribute to the death of one of the best Cape Verdean singers, which symbolises all those who left us during the making of this CD.

This album not only conveys different atmospheres but also different genres of Cape Verdean music. Aside from the magical sound of four brothers singing simultaneously, different musicians emerge as surprising lead singers. Guest musicians on the album include: violinist Aili Deiwiks, trombonist Efe Erdem and cellist Alejandro Sanchez.


Release april 2008
Coast to Coast, P.O. box 116, 2900 AC Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands
Tel:+31-10-2642840 | Fax:+31-10-2642835
E-mail: coasttocoast@cddirect.nl

The music Rabasa plays is grounded firmly in the Cape Verdian music traditions. Rabasa has developed, on the basis of these traditions, a distinctive hip, rocking, warm and full sound. They use solely acoustical instruments like guitar, cavaquinho, accordion, trumpet and percussion that support the characteristic singing in tasteful, sometimes pop like arrangements. The lyrics and music are mainly written by Rabasa and voice for one part a loving tribute to what is precious to them and for the other part their astonishment over continuous injustice.


Pertu di Bo
Release February 2004
Coast to Coast

Rabasa’s first studio album was highly appreciated by both press and audience. Rabasa with many original compositions in a variety of the musical styles of Cape Verde, such as morna, coladeira, funana, batuque, mazurka and tabanka. The alluring and distinctive vocal sounds of Cape Verdean music, moving one moment and then swinging the next, are accompanied on acoustic instruments such as guitar, cavaquinho, accordion and percussion and trumpet. Guitarist Lindo Ortet is featured as a special guest performer on this CD.


Fonti Musicali, Rue Jean d'Ardenne 33, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium
Tel : + 32 (0)2 511 67 72 Fax : + 32 (0)2 511 41 86
E-mail : Fonti.Musicali@skynet.be

Rabasa’s first CD, recorded live at Igreja Nossa Senhora da Paz, the Portuguese-language church in Rotterdam

At the moment Rabasa is working on a new CD


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